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Default Guardians of Veeshan now in Star Wars:The Old Republic

We're branching out!

BioWare has a pre-launch guild creation system in place. Since there are some members who have pre-ordered TOR, I've gone ahead and created our guild for Star Wars:The Old Republic. Unfortunately, because of limitations on the use of the word "Guardians" for guild naming, I had to change our name for that game.

Welcome to Veeshan's Claw!!

Currently, sign ups for the guild are restricted to current guild members, guild friends, and family.

If we can get at least four members signed up, there is a chance that the entire guild could be brought into the Beta.

Once the game goes live, we'll organize the ranks and start opening up membership.

Check back here once TOR goes live for all your official Veeshan's Claw info, guild gatherings, and more!

Fear the Large Trout!!!

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