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Here is what I just posted on our TOR guild page - the one they give to all guilds on the Official TOR Forums...

Welcome to Veeshan's Claw - An EQ1/EQ2/WoW/TOR Guild formed in 1999 and called in those games "Guardians of Veeshan". Since the use of the word "Guardians" has been restricted for use in guild names in TOR we've changed the name, but the original guild and its leadership are still the same.

As for now, applications to the guild are restricted. If you are current or previous member in good standing and would like to join your guildmates in TOR, please send a private message to Theramor on our main guild homepage with your TOR Forum name and we'll sign you up.

For those who are interested in joining a casual, family oriented guild that values both in-game and out of game ties as well as a desire to succeed in TOR, we will be opening up our ranks shortly after TOR goes live. Check back here and on our official home page for when and how to apply to Veeshan's Claw.

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