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Old 02-05-2009, 10:46 PM   #1
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Default Harvester of Sorrows

Gothik the Harvester was our next victim to fall. The 4 horsemen aren't far behind!


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Old 02-06-2009, 07:13 AM   #2
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I really wish bears could close their mouths. These constant pictures of me drooling all over the kills is just not right.
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Keep em coming guys!!!

Aranash Anduril
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"If you had one opportunity, or one chance, to sieze everything you ever wanted, would you capture it? or just it slip?" - Eminem
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We are currently ready to clear 2 wings right now. Both Plague wing and military wing. I would like to see us get both if possible, and have been reading up to be able to handle 4 horsies.

Your friendly neighborhood armorsmith.

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