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Is Prelate an oxymoron
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Default This is not how you do it!

Thanks Austen for throwing raid together.
Went out to slay a few dragons tonight and turned it into one hell of an interesting adventure. After all the raids we have done we basically threw the strat books out the window on these. Started off bad and it just got worse.
Started off with old faithful Klandikar.
We got very lucky as we were beat on engage on Klandicar but I guess they had a mess up and whiped. We rolled in and engaged to pick up pieces. Great tanking Damo (scary the freaken mage did well too I must say)
Grats Tuo on Klandi talismen.

Sontalak talk about pulling one out!
First we have a freak whipe on valley dragons yes Silence is the suck!
Than Shadows of (something) ( fill in later) engaged Sont as we recovered. I hear it was their first attemp on Sont they did great for a 1st 60% (GoV's first attempt if I remember correctly was 97%) but eventually they were overpowered by Sont and whiped.

We did the usuall shit was looking at our numbers 18 could be better. Now for the buffs hmm oh hell no Shamans, Enchanters, Paladins, or Beasties here! Well I knew we were in a dilemna now.
Hell its only Sont I say we can take him!
PULL HIM Austen yells off goes the bard! (Thanks for coming hun lifesaver) Max great job on tag. All going well now for first two seconds of fight! Than shit just goes down hill from there. I tell you this dragon just hates me heal agro wtf! Down goes the Cleric like the treefiddy hoe he is.
As I sit all I can see and hear is people dropping like flies as they report what Sont is at when they got dropped. 60% I hear as Austen takes his final breath.
Yelling at my comp BURN HIM DOWN BURN HIM!
Somewhere in there I hear Gymp managed to get control and stayed up till 12% I believe before he finally succumbed to no health and heals. Damo to 4% I see next there is hope! Than the sad report Sont regenning faster than people damaging him.
I felt saddened and defeated at this point as I wait on word of full whipe. Wait, Wait what is this I hear? I can't believe my ears what do I hear but chears! GREAT job rangers kiting Sont around and bowing him out! Nytak and Tole turned total whipe into unbelievable win. All in all one of the sloppiest, funniest and hardest won victories pulled out.
Congrats to Kuurus Sont Talismen.
2 more keyed! Fill in the other driops if you can please

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go rangers rofl that was a fun fight killing Sont
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Nostalgia bump...

Nytak and Tole turned total whipe into unbelievable win.

“Those who hammer their guns into plows,will plow for those who do not".- Thomas Jefferson

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