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TEABAG! <your name here>
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Default Console Gaming!

So im on console gaming right now.

You can catch me the most on PS3,4 as Thaadius. On PS3 im playing GranTurismo 6 from time to time. On PS4 you will see me playing Destiny, Driveclub, BF4, Minecraft and Final Fantasy XIV:ARR. In Destiny I started my own clan, Blue Dream look us up and join us at bungie.net. In Driveclub I also started Blue Dream. In FFXIV:ARR im on leviathan server and part of a Free Company (guild) called Aboena's Light. My main character is Grumpycat Tartarsauce. I have (as of the time of this post) pre-ordered Assassins Creed Unity and The Elder Scrolls Online.

On Xbox 360 im ThaadiusT. I play Borderlands 2, and Borderlands The Pre-Sequal the most.

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Hey Thaad! If you are still playing Destiny, I'm macfo92.

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