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Default Auliffe Chaoswind

Well, last night I logged on wanting to do Maestro in Hate. I knew he was due to spawn last night. But, at around 830pm we were still short of the numbers to try him for the first time. So, we instead headed to Bastion of Thunder where all 4 Lords were up. We headed to the SE? Tower which is the home of Auliffe Choaswind. By the time we setup in the Tower however all the Tower Lords became camped. So, we were only going to have a shot at Auliffe.

The lag was dreadful from the 100+ people in the zone doing tower lords. We slowly made are way uneventfully, well except for Nev falling to his death, up the tower. Once at Auliffe we waited for a group of late comers to catch up to us. We had the chanters each charm a giant and then we went to town on Auliffe. Who, by the way is extremely easy for us now. We dropped him and proceeded to check targets.

We spent probably 20-30 minutes checking targets. We immediately got a tracker into Hate to see if Maestro was up. Unfortunately another guild was in there with 50 people. So, it was time to check other things. With our numbers we had a lot open to us. Though we found very little up. So, we decided to head to Storms and try our hand at Neffiken, Lord of Kelek'Vor.

We got everyone to the forest area and started clearing everything to spawn him. We dropped both mini's and every giant in the forest area..... and nothing. We sat there for I believe 45 minutes and he never became targetable. We believe that when we got there not all the giants were up. And that in order to spawn him you must kill every giant in the Forest area without getting a single repop. By this time it was after midnight for the east coast people and the healers started logging. So, we decided to call it a night. Hopefully we can get him next time!

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We will get that chickbutt Giant next time he was just scared to mess with us!
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