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Boo! ;-)
Downloading EQ project 1999. Who’s playing? What server?
Member Lounge New Post 6-14-18
I miss you guys!!!!
why am I the only one on???
What's up y'all! Long time no see
Hi all 😃
Hold the door!
I often wonder if the guests are just bots. They get everywhere these days!
Blast from the past! OoOooOoOoOO
So many ghosts haunt this place but no one speaks!

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Back by Popular Demand! Flashpoint Friday!
Posted By: Thaadius - 04-14-2012 01:12 AM - Replies (0)
Thaadius's Avatar  I've gotten a few comments on Flashpoint Friday and i'm proud to announce that they're back! 4/20 will be the next Flashpoint Friday! Be online at anytime in the evening. Run all the flashpoints you can with your guildies! Like always your not required to play but if you are on its strongly suggested that your with the guild members and working on Flashpoints. Don't forget to pick up the Daily for that little extra XP! If you don't get into a group hang out for a few and well get you in one. As always we STRONGLY encourage the use of ventrilo even if all you can do is listen to the rest of us.

Have a great week and well see ya on the 20th!
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Flashpoint Friday! 2-3-12
Posted By: Thaadius - 01-30-2012 02:04 PM - Replies (0)
Thaadius's Avatar  Flashpoint Friday! 2-3-12. Same as the first one. Not required to play but if your on, run some flashpoints with the guild! *Be on at any time Friday evening (most of us are PST). Also be on ventrilo for easier communication.*
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Flashpoint Friday's! Veeshan's Claw
Posted By: Thaadius - 01-24-2012 07:12 PM - Replies (1)
Thaadius's Avatar  Beginning 1-27 Veeshan's Claw will begin practicing raiding. Flashpoint Friday's are not a required to show event. Just be online at any time on friday evening (PST for most of us) and get with the guild to run flashpoints. The only requirement to run a flashpoint is getting to the Republic Fleet. Any and all levels welcome! We will try to balance groups accordingly and we will be using the Ventrilo server. So come on out and join us for good time, phat lewts, and XP!
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For the Republic...or for the Sith...
Posted By: Theramor - 12-30-2011 12:33 PM - Replies (2)
Theramor's Avatar  ...you can get your Star Wars on either way!

Guardians of Veeshan have a Republic Branch (Veeshan's Claw) and now an Imperial Branch (Rage of Veeshan).

Come join us in Star Wars: The Old Republic!
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Happy Thanksgiving 2011!
Posted By: Theramor - 11-24-2011 12:13 PM - Replies (0)
Theramor's Avatar  The Officers and Leaders of Guardians of Veeshan wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

May you spend it with friends and family!
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Guardians of Veeshan now in Star Wars:The Old Republic
Posted By: Theramor - 09-03-2011 10:53 AM - Replies (0)
Theramor's Avatar  We're branching out!

BioWare has a pre-launch guild creation system in place. Since there are some members who have pre-ordered TOR, I've gone ahead and created our guild for Star Wars:The Old Republic. Unfortunately, because of limitations on the use of the word "Guardians" for guild naming, I had to change our name for that game.

Welcome to Veeshan's Claw!!

Currently, sign ups for the guild are restricted to current guild members, guild friends, and family.

If we can get at least four members signed up, there is a chance that the entire guild could be brought into the Beta.

Once the game goes live, we'll organize the ranks and start opening up membership.

Check back here once TOR goes live for all your official Veeshan's Claw info, guild gatherings, and more!
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